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Principals Message

Welcome to Quincy Innovation Academy! 

Colleen Frerks

Our mission at Quincy Innovation Academy is to help all students thrive by engaging in rigorous learning through a successful pathway within our supportive community.  QIA staff want to get to know our students and families and encourage our students to progress in their learning. 

QIA provides alternative learning options for students 2-12.  Our staff includes a principal, a counselor, five teachers, and additional support staff.  Some of our students attend daily in person, some are learning fully online, and some learn fully online but come in person two days per week for support in completing their online work.

If you are interested in finding out more about our programs, please contact our office at 787-1678.  We would be happy to visit with you about finding a personalized learning option that fits your needs.

Colleen Frerks
QSD Whole Child Director
Quincy Innovation Academy Principal